It is quite a normal practice for individuals to visit a family doctor for regular medical problems like a typical cold or sore throat. There are times where your conditions deteriorate even after consuming the prescribed medications. When situations like this generally rise, physicians usually suggest a test with an ear, nose, and throat specialist(ENT). It is always better to consider this.


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An ENT specialist is somebody who has made ailments of the ear, nose and throat his specialty. Thus, he is better qualified and will have a better experience with situations where your family doctor isn’t able to provide you with a cure or improvement in your condition. ENT specialists are skilled in performing corrective or reconstructive medical procedures of the ear, nose, or throat regions.

He is also used to treating issues associated with nerves identified with visual perception, hearing, or smell. If you have speech defects and sleep-related issues like sleep apnea then an ENT specialist is who you should visit.

Visiting an ENT specialist is the smarter option if you’re facing any of these following cases.

Ringing in the ears: In some cases, this might be an indication that your ear is blocked and you can’t hear sounds with clarity. There may likewise be a constant ringing in your ears that doesn’t fade away. These symptoms could be implying any potential ear issue like the beginning of hearing loss or an infection in the ear or it could be a circulation issue.

Changes in your voice: It might happen that your normal voice has gone through a drastic change and it might either be dry, hoarse or you could be experiencing difficulty in talking. It is better not to disregard such side effects as it could mean something extreme like laryngitis which is voice box getting inflamed because of strain, disease, or abuse, it could likewise be the early manifestations of laryngeal cancer or even an instance of heartburn.

Nose getting blocked: If your nose is obstructed consistently and you can’t inhale normally, an ENT specialist will discover the reason. It could be a direct result of sensitivity where our body reacts to allergens noticeable all around or those present in the house like residue or dust mites. It could likewise be a result of sinusitis where the area surrounding the nasal cavity gets inflamed or it might be the after effect of an infection in the upper respiratory tract.

Top ENT Hospital in ahmedabadExperiencing difficulty in swallowing: If you are unable to swallow food appropriately for an extended period, it could be tonsillitis which is an inflammation at the rear of the throat it could likewise be the side effects of pharyngitis or indigestion.

Losing balance: It might happen that you are feeling dazed and losing balance while in the standing position or while moving your head. All these could mean a disease of the inward ear or changes in the measure of fluid in your ears. This is called vertigo.

Delaying your visits to an ENT specialist can be harmful and your symptoms begin to get aggravated and this would lead to further complications. Trisha Multispecialty hospital provides the best treatment for ENT complications.

Trisha Multispeciality Hospitals ENT department headed by Dr Keyur Gavadia, senior ENT specialist provides the best treatment for Ear, Nose and throat. With Trisha Hospital you can be sure of getting quality and cost-effective treatments for all your medical requirements.

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