As the world comes into terms with the growing magnitude of covid-19 pandemic, countries facing new challenges, persistent concerns of the future and vastly different outcomes, doctors and nurses are constantly tackling the pandemic by making their way to Covid19 wards every single day and night, fighting their own fears as they keep treating and serving their patients.


The top priority of a hospital is the care of their patients, and it’s crucial for our health care system. Even during this pandemic, hospitals should treat both Covid and Non Covid patients equally.  Also prioritizing on the safety of caregivers and healthcare workers is one of the topmost priorities and preventing them from either contracting or spreading the virus. It doesn’t end here, hospitals also have a huge responsibility of taking care of the clinicians, nursing staff, paramedics and support staff, and above all the society as a whole.

During the early days of the pandemic when Trisha Hospital decided to be one of the Covid19 Centers, the whole hospital was in a havoc and everyone was constantly on their toes.  It did take a while for everyone working at the hospital to get used to it, but we gradually settled in.  As time passed, we learned to conduct ourselves according to the situation and managed to give equal attention to our normal patients as well as Covid patients and the recovery rate also got higher eventually.

As soon as someone gets to know they have Covid, they would probably end up experiencing a higher level of stress, fear and anxiety. This is where the excellent staff of Trisha Hospital constantly puts in efforts to keep the spirits of all patients high. Trisha hospital gives their patients a couple of activities that engages them and keeps them entertained making sure they don’t feel lonesome or feel they are left out keeping every patients emotional and mental health in check which is most important for a fast and good recovery.  As a result of these activities patients begun to recover within one weeks’ time of their admission into the hospital. All the patients that were admitted for Covid19 at Trisha Multispeciality Hospital, Ahmedabad didn’t lose their hope, remained happy throughout the treatment, and enjoyed the hospitality they received by all the medical staff.

The hospital had a great atmosphere within their space where patients were at peace and the relation between the hospital staff and the patients grew stronger. Trisha hospital made sure they maintained a positive environment so that every Covid patient doesn’t feel they are away from their home and loved ones. The staff helped in providing a place where patents were able to relax and de-clutter their minds from unwanted thoughts and emotions which led everyone through a faster recovery rate.

Trisha has helped more than 500 patients to successfully recover from the clutches of Covid-19. Trisha hospital has always stepped ahead to give quality health care for everyone and treat everyone who walks into their doors equally.

When it comes to success stories of Corona Warriors, Trisha Hospital also has a few one of them was a 3-year-old child and a 2-month old baby girl who took on the virus head on and fought their way out of it proving that will power and determination can work wonders. Just like these girls they were many other Corona Warriors who walked and walked out of the hospital completely recovered. As a result of this, Trisha Hospital’s success story has been growing and has been getting more and more people turning up to consult doctors by the referrals given by the other patients who have recovered at the same hospital.

Trisha Hospital staff works round the clock to keep every patients’ spirits high. Other than activities to keep everyone in the hospital sane and mentally stable, Trisha hospital also celebrates the festival with the patient’s keeping social distancing in mind.

Trisha Multispecialty hospital has nowadays adopted a few new systems and practices to bring everyone together. The Hospital has nowadays started offering prayer’s every day to maintain positivity within the hospital facilities.

In the end Corona is not going anywhere soon, so we have to learn to live with it and follow the new normal.

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