Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr Alpesh Patel, is Director and Chief Orthopedic Surgeon of Trisha Hospital, Nava Wadaj, Ahmedabad. The journey of Trisha was full of hard work, commitment and dedication to patient care. The journey started with a 5 bed hospital to 20 bed hospital and 3 years back expanded to a 50 bed hospital with three class 100 modular operation theatre. The motive was to provide comprehensive health care under one roof and so we adopted the Multispeciality hospital approach. They very keen to adopt new technology and Robotics is latest in the field of Knee Replacement.

Knee replacement is surgery done for Arthritis of knee. Normal knee has a smooth cartilage and intact meniscus for functioning. With advancing age and due to some other disease like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory arthritis and injury there will loss of this cartilage and damage to the meniscus. Due this the joint surface will become rough and will result in friction during movement there will be deformity in knee.

The best treatment for advance staged osteoarthritis is Knee replacement which can be either half knee replacement which is also called unicondylar knee replacement or total knee replacement depending on the staging of disease.

Benefits of Robot Assisted Knee Replacement

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What is Knee Replacement with Robotic Technology

Everyone is unique, and so is your individual anatomy. That’s why Robotic Surgical Assistant, is designed to help a surgeon to tailor the placement of knee implant just for every unique individual. Getting a precise knee implant fit is important for comfort and overall experience following knee replacement surgery. Robotic technology uses data collected before surgery (preoperative) by 3D modeling of X-ray films and during your surgery (perioperative) by surface mapping to create details related to unique anatomy that may affect implant fit. By using this data to make more informed decisions, the surgeon is able to plan for and carry out a personalized surgery based upon the individual needs.

Benefits of Robot Assisted Knee Replacement

Earlier there were many apprehensions related to Robotic surgery as the patients feared that the involvement of robotics in the surgery, it may harm them or some fault can occur in the functioning of the robotic equipment. But such apprehensions proved to be wrong with the success of Robotic surgery in knee replacement.

This procedure has revolutionized the knee replacement concept and has turned off the mechanism of the traditional surgery. Many patients who have undergone this knee replacement surgery have benefitted and have bounced back to live the life they wanted. To put the benefits of Robotic surgery in words won’t do justice to the technology involved and the revolutionary role it has played. But then here we are, to sum up, its benefits as a small contribution towards its awareness among the readers.

  • Accuracy

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The surgery is completed with the help of robotics which means there is more accuracy in the area of the knee which needs the surgery. The surgery is precise and restricted as exact incisions and angles can be targeted. This helps in securing the adjacent tissues which need no repair. The functioning of the robotic is such that it reduces the chance of putting the patient at risk. But one should be clear that it is robot-controlled and not robot-centered technique.

  • Routine X ray required

There is no need for a CT scan before undergoing this surgery. In fact, a single CT scan is equivalent to the exposure of 48 chest X-rays received. It avoids CT scan by using an advanced computer program to collect anatomic and alignment information about your knee. So a patient is saved from such harmful radiations that otherwise may harm him in other forms. This feature distinguishes this surgery from others in the most beneficial way. Technology and AI converts x ray image to 3D bone model

  • Advanced Instrumentation

The surgery proceeds with the use of advanced instruments. It is designed to enforce bone resurfacing within the surgeon defined plan. Instruments and surgeon’s plan go hand in hand. It’s important to understand that the robot does not operate on its own. That means it does not move unless the surgeon prompts it to do so. The surgeon is still in the operating room the entire time and is making all of the decisions throughout your surgery.

  • Computer Assisted

It takes the help of a computer program to decide the size of implants and amount of bone to be cut and ensure consistent and accurate results. It leaves no chance of any error. Such programs specifically work to deliver the best result of the surgery and removes the human interface error.

  • Robotic Assisted Zig Placement

The intraoperative surgical procedure using is similar to traditional total knee replacement, but with a robotic assistant. Your surgeon has been specially trained to use ROSA Knee in order to personalize the surgical approach for your unique anatomy. It’s important to understand that the robot does not operate on its own. That means it does not move unless your surgeon prompts it to. Your surgeon is still in the operating room the entire time and is making all of the decisions throughout your surgery.

During the procedure, Robot utilizes a camera and optical trackers attached to your leg to know exactly where your knee is in space. It is like a very detailed global positioning system (GPS) which is we use in our car. Even If the leg moves even a fraction of an inch, the robot can tell and adjusts accordingly. This helps ensure that the plan put into place is executed as intended. The Robotic arms place the cutting guide with cent percent accuracy which is the essential step in surgery.

  • Flexibility

It offers multiple implant options and dynamic ligament balancing at multiple stages.

  • Validation

There is virtual confirmation of cuts pre and post bone removal, in achieving long leg alignment and joint balance for normal knee kinematics. In conventional surgery validation of

  • Combination of surgeon’s expertise and robot’s precision

Robotic knee replacement at trisha hospitalThis surgery is not totally dependent either on the surgeon or on the robotically- assisted handpiece. It offers the benefits of a mix of surgeon’s expertise and robot’s precision which makes it more effective and beneficial for the patients. This surgery has done wonders for the patients who had given up and had lost hope to walk freely without any pain or any other problem in their knees. The awareness about this technique is very high which has created realization among the people about the importance of such treatment and how it is helping the community to live a life full of freedom.

This surgery ensures fast recovery of the patients since it is done with maximum precision which demands less time from the patients for their recovery

  • The reliability rate is very high

Persons who have undergone this surgery are very much satisfied with the results and are able to feel the difference between their previous condition and present condition.