Features and Services

    • Availability of round the clock critical care expert
    • Medical Intensive care unit (MICU)
    • Critical Care Unit (CCU)
    • 2:1 Nurse to patient ratio
    • Fully motorized ICU beds with 5 way movement functions, Nurse call system
    • Code blue System and 6 parameter monitoring
    • advance ventilator
    • Best low energy biphasic defibrillators with pacing facilities
    • Central ICU stations equipped with web viewer

  Treatments and Procedures

    • Continuous monitoring for critically ill or injured patients
    • Life support measures for patients with multi organ failure
    • Post-operative care to critically ill, surgical patients
    • Non-invasive and invasive ventilation
    • Dialysis, percutaneous tracheotomies, chest drain insertions and fibre optic bronchoscopies
    • Multidisciplinary meetings for complicated patients
    • Retrieval services (CPR)